• How does this service help improve my credit score?
    When you use our app to pay your rent, we report your rent payments to one or more credit reference agencies. On-time rent payments will appear on your credit file and can help improve your credit position.
  • Is there a cost to use this service?
    Reporting your rent payments to one credit reference agency is FREE. For maximum impact, report to all three agencies (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) for just £8/month.
  • Is my data secure with this app?
    Yes, we process data security and use high-level encryption to protect your information.
  • How long does it take for my rent payments to be reflected on my credit report?
    It typically takes 6-8 weeks for your rent payments to appear on your credit report after we report them to the selected credit reference agencies.
  • Can I switch between plans?
    Yes, you can upgrade from the FREE plan to the Premium plan at any time, allowing you to report to all three credit reference agencies.

    Please be aware that downgrading from the Premium version to the free version will result in a gap when it comes to rent reporting.

    When the Premium plan is cancelled you will need to resubmit an application when moving to the free version. The agreement in place with the credit reference agencies means you will need to allow 3 months for this change to take effect, during which time rent payments will not be reported.