Now you can have just that -
and it couldn't be easier.

Simply add your property to the Wectory app and choose how many monthly payments you would like to get up front. Send an invite to your tenant, and sit back.
That's it - Wectory will check everything and send the funds directly to your account.
Wectory will receive the corresponding monthly rent payments directly from your tenant, and then it's up to you to decide what happens next. You can either instruct Wectory to continue accepting tenants' payments and transfer them to your account immediately or request another pre-payment if you want.
Have you ever wanted several months of rent upfront?
The landlord signs up in the App and uploads the property docs - proof of ownership and current tenancy agreement.
How it works
The landlord chooses the upfront period and provides Wectory with bank account details and the tenant's email to invite them into the service.
The tenant signs up and sets up the Direct Debit. Wectory checks everything, and voila - the landlord gets their advanced payment, while the tenant regularly pays to Wectory.
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