Wectory’s New ‘Rent, Upfront’ Offering Launches With Limited Time ‘Landlord Friendly’ Incentive

During a period of uncertainty in the economy, with interest rates on the hike, inflation bubbling at a 40 year high, the pound losing its value and cost of living crisis tightening the spending power of landlords and tenants alike, Wectory provides the alternative to the drip-drip return on rental investments. 

76% of landlords surveyed by Wectory have an appetite for receiving their rental income upfront. With more than 50% prepared to offer more than 10% discount in return. However, this often represents one challenge too many for tenants. This breakdown in supply and demand between tenant & landlord is driving 10% of UK landlords to sell their rental stock. 

However, with the reduction in the Stamp Duty levy, we predict a renewed appetite for rental portfolio expansion - and Wectory wants to help.

Wectory offers a solution by providing rent upfront to landlords whilst removing the pressure from tenants. And for a limited time only, they’re offering ‘Rent, Upfront’ for half market price. 

Kicking off their October launch, Wectory is offering the first 1000 applicants, until the 17th October (which ever comes first) a hugely discounted 5.9% fee for rent in advance (usually 9%) representing savings of £100’s on each application. 

80% of landlords who use Wectory use the quick return on their investment to maintain, cover emergencies or to purchase new properties - and now that return will go even further. 

Take advantage of the offer today by registering as a partner agent here and asking your landlords to download our app here. ‘Rent, Upfront’ is a few clicks away. 

To qualify for Wectory’s ‘Rent, Upfront’ offer, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Existing tenancies only. Minimum of 3 months’ maturity.  
  2. No tenant arrears. 
  3. Maximum rental value of £2500 PCM.
  4. 3 applications per landlord
  5. Tenant reference required