Say no to loans! Wectory is the star of the show

Wectory, established in early August of the year 2020, is hoping to positively alter the real estate sector with its up and coming service. To begin, the sprouting idea behind Wectory’s service came to light in 2019, when two founders who had previously been well acquainted in a bank setting, joined forces. It was in this environment that they were immersed in research & development, with a deep focus on the creation of a buy now - pay later mechanism which was being experimented on within branches of economic sectors.

From the words of the co-founder himself: “there are services for the sellers, where they receive money straightaway, whereas the buyers pay gradually over time. Therefore, this quote begs the question: “why can’t it be applied to real estate?” Ingeniously, they conjured a solution towards landlords’ worries - providing upfront funding to reduce problems associated with their cash flow. By revolutionising the way how the rent is perceived, Wectory aims to create multiple opportunities for the landlords. Perhaps, you require a life-altering renovation, fulfilled investment or happy-go-lucky funding to start something new; funding in your hands could be a great step in the right direction to reach these aims.

As of 2021, the crew has happily been expanding, much of the workforce bringing forth a variety of computing skills and in-depth knowledge. Gracefully, the first version of the application was launched in spring after undergoing vigorous testing and due to Wectory's quality of teamwork. In our current time, Wectory’s team is building a company on which the sun never sets, having employees spread across the globe who speak different languages, yet share the same vision. Wectory's venture will set out to establish what it means to 'rent modernly.'