New Property Show Featuring Local Landlords and Agents to Air

Property portal, OnTheMarket, is collaborating with Channel 4 to produce a new TV programme, ‘Finding The Cornish Dream. Viewers will be given a glimpse into the highs and lows of obtaining a mortgage, while potential landlords are given the opportunity to view and critique several properties in Cornwall whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings. Moreover, the scenic backdrop and property showcase is a further bid to highlight the transition from ‘city’ to ‘rural’ life, and to entice any individuals on the brink of relocation or retirement.

This could be an ace programme to follow if you are deciding upon a mortgage and want to indulge in a lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities. 
The show aims to present the spotlight to local estate agents such as Marshalls, Lodge & Thomas, and Webbers. It will delve into how these organisations deal with various matters including economic, social, and environmental issues, making it clear to viewers that agencies put in a lot of work during the buying & selling process.

The CEO of OnTheMarket, Jason Tebb, states: “We are very pleased to be working with our creative partners on ‘Finding the Cornish Dream’, as it’s a series that shines a light on the real stories behind the biggest financial decision of many peoples’ lives, which is of course moving home. We always say, property is a people business and it’s the personal journeys of the home movers and agents who really steal the show.” He concluded that the show will also be a fantastic method of placing high quality local estate agencies on a pedestal; potential buyers will know exactly where to go and who to see.

The creative director of Channel 4, Katherine Marlow, exclaimed : “It’s been hugely rewarding to partner with OnTheMarket on their first TV branded entertainment partnership and bring this awakening series to life. With its stunning homes and booming property market, Cornwall serves as the ideal location to help promote the brand’s integral values on air and across to our wider audience.” The TV programme is set to launch on the 27th of August, 2022.

A little note from Wectory: If the TV programme does nudge you or anyone you know to take out a mortgage, remember that Wectory can be a beneficial source to new or existing landlords. With a tenanted property, Wectory can ease an abundance of worries by providing landlords with a years’ worth of income in advance, which could be put to good use as a healthy deposit on your next rental property.