Government Goes Ahead with Decision to Scrap Section 21 Evictions… Again

The Government was expected to reverse its plans regarding Section 21 evictions, says Letting Agent Today. However, in another dramatic U-turn, the PM has decided to ‘firmly’ go ahead with the decision to scrap Section 21 evictions.

The Times published the PM’s plans to scrap ‘no fault evictions’  after all, with the PM stating ‘I am not backtracking on my plan to scrap Section 21 so-called no fault evictions and I will press ahead with the policy accordingly.’ 

This is despite the same publication reporting just a few hours earlier that the government was expected to not follow through on their manifesto pledge, causing chaos for those with ties within the property sector. Initially stating that implementation of the policy was ‘low priority’ in comparison with other manifesto promises, her position changed. Again.

During Wednesday’s PMQ’s, Labour MP Graham Stringer commented on reports that the government does not plan to proceed with Rental Reforms, including the scrapping of Section 21 eviction notices.

He said: ‘Going back on commitments to end no fault evictions is an act of extreme callousness. Can the prime minister reassure the 11 million private renters in the country that she will carry out the commitment to get rid of no-fault evictions?’ Truss answered: ‘Rest assured, I can.’ 

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, said: ‘Whatever the government’s plans, a wide range of reforms are desperately needed to support the sector. The supply crisis in the sector must be addressed urgently, while much more needs to be done to root out criminal and rogue landlords. Likewise vulnerable tenants can and should be better supported by unfreezing housing benefit rates.’

He added ‘the NRLA will continue to work with all parties to ensure that reforms are fair and workable and command the support of tenants and responsible landlords.’

Hope that clears that up.