Wectory’s Web-Portal Makes It Easier for Landlords to Unlock the Power of Their Assets

Welcome to the new Wectory.

On the eve of their second anniversary, Wectory are delighted to announce the launch of their new landlord friendly web-portal. Wectory continues to make it simple for landlords to unlock the power of their assets, but now it’s even easier to gain access to rental income, in advance.

Landlords now have the ability to request rent upfront from Wectory via IOS and Android apps, or via their web-portal. This is made all the easier with the help of virtual assistant, Victoria, who will guide customers through each step of the application process.

If you are planning to put down a fast deposit on a new property, or complete refurbishment of an existing one, Wectory is there to help. On any device.

We also have a live support team on hand should there be any queries.

Kind regards,

Wectory’s Team