For whom is Wectory’s service?

Wectory provides the upfront rent to landlords. It is later repaid by tenants. Knowing this, the key users of our service should be:

  • Private landlords who rent out their apartments.

  • Owners of HMOs (house in multiple occupancies). It is needless to add that the owners of HMOs have to acquire appropriate licensing. However, when all the requirements are met, there should not be a problem. It would be prudent to upload the required documentation for each tenant.

  • Landlords who provide accommodation to students. Usually, students who are not working would require a guarantor in order to confirm that they are capable of paying their rent. It is standard practice on the market.

  • Recently acquired “buy to let” properties.

  • Additionally, it is possible to organise the upfront rent even if the property management service is included.

Thus, pretty much everyone! As long as you are a landlord, who has a property and appropriate licensing (if it is required) and are willing to rent to the property for at least a six month period - you are more than welcome to try Wectory’s service.