Rumours of Administration Swirl, an Online Estate Agency Falls Dark

There is rising rumour that a website that formerly declared that high street real estate is "dying" has stopped doing business.

When Akshay Ruparelia was just 17 years old, he launched the online real estate brokerage Doorsteps, which has since been shut down. When users try to search, they discover that the website is unavailable.

The online estate agency is owned by Upside Capital Ltd, per Companies House (, however Ruparelia, who founded the business, is no longer a part of it.

Ruperalia had quit her position as a director, according to a previous EYE article, before forming a new business called AKR Real Estate Ltd.
Although it is unclear what the firm's current financial situation is, the online agent, which raised more than £1 million through crowdfunding, appeared to be solvent when its most recent records for the year ending in December 2020 were disclosed.
Has stopped functioning? Hopefully the company's owners can provide some clarification.