Landlord's rent – upfront
Get up to 12 months' worth of income now
We pay rent upfront
And let your tenant pay it out online at the right time
Your tenant will pay your upfront payment for as many months as you take it now
We charge a 9% partnership fee
No financial footprint
No changes to your credit
Only rental documents needed
Fully online
Data protection
No hidden strings
Fill up your debit without a doubt
We're here to help you go from delays
to acquisition
And we know you'll be happier for it
1 500+
UK landlords
The facts
Are already using the Wectory service
Saved years of waiting
36 mins
Payout record
Our largest upfront payment
Amy Russell
It was an unplanned, yet worthwhile development over the years. Last year was the flat in Manchester. This year it's a bungalow in Cornwall. For the future... well, that plan can only come to life with upfront funds. More money - a miracle.
Jack Barnes
The principal element of upfront funding is its ability to shift human nature: from being a stressed out landlord, to one who is sure of his 'tomorrow.' Wectory is a source of liberation; we get our disposable income with less of a hassle hopping from agencies or banks
Sohail Kayani

We were casually researching our options on how to build a mountain of funds - I recall having these specific conversations with my colleagues where we thought, someone has to construct an app that allows landlords like us to have ease of access to more funding. It was a matter of time because that 'someone' became Wectory
Beth Chapman
Prior to having access to 'rent due' alerts via Wectory's app, missed rental payments were much more common. The visuals and alerts however, work tremendously to remind tenants on the number of days until their next payment. The functionality of the overall application does not serve as a guide to landlords, but tenants will find it enjoyable too
It is Easy, Safe & Guaranteed
1. Specify the value you obtain from rent and upload the tenancy document images

2. Choose the upfront period and provide your bank account details

3. Get your funds in advance at the same or next day. And your tenant now regularly pays to Wectory

Frequently Asked Questions
Wectory is...
A service which provides upfront funding to landlords, in exchange for a service fee. Wectory manages the current rental income from a landlord under a tenancy agreement which has already been put in place. Wectory also helps tenants make and manage payments via the application.
Any changes to current rental agreement?
No, this is unnecessary - we do not make any alterations (or require any alterations to be made) to a landlord's current tenancy agreement.
Does it cost anything for the tenant?
No, tenants continue to pay rent at the agreed rate with the landlord in the relevant tenancy agreement.
What happens if a tenant misses a rental payment?
Please ensure you are aware that whilst the Wectory service allows a landlord to receive payments in advance, it does not mean that Wectory is accepting the ultimate risk of non-payment by the tenant. That risk remains with the landlord.
If the tenant misses a rental payment or cancels their direct debit, their landlord will be informed immediately.
Where we work
The Wectory service is currently only available to landlords who have property in the United Kingdom, more specifically in England & Wales. We are working on plans to expand the service to other countries soon!
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