Refer a Tenant Promotion Terms and Conditions
Date: 08/09/2023
We value your partnership with Wectory Ltd. This is a chance for you to spread the word about our service and earn rewards.

1. Promotion Overview
The Promotion allows existing Premium plan subscribers of Wectory Ltd to earn a discount by referring new tenants. For each successful referral, both the referrer and the referred tenant will receive a 50% discount on the Premium plan of the Credit Score Boost service for 3 months. Accumulate rewards with multiple referrals. Please read the below terms for details.

2. Eligibility
All current subscribers of the Premium plan of the Credit Score Boost service are eligible.

3. Earning the Discount
  1. Share your unique referral code with potential tenants.
  2. Ensure the referred tenant uses your code during subscription.
  3. Bonuses apply once the tenant uses your code and completes a Premium subscription payment.
  4. The 3-month discount activates after 14 days from the referred user's payment.

4. Accumulative Discounts
Each successful referral earns you a 3-month 50% discount. E.g., 4 referrals equal a 12-month discount. Maximum accumulated discount is 18 months.

5. Referred Tenant's Responsibilities
  • Use the provided referral code during subscription.
  • Complete payment for a Premium subscription.
  • The discount starts 14 days post-payment.

6. General Information
  • Wectory Ltd reserves the right to alter or end this Promotion without notice.
  • Terms are in English; translations are secondary to this version.
  • Discounts apply directly to the subscriber's account.
  • To receive the discount, abide by these and other relevant account terms.
  • Wectory Ltd can act against any Promotion misuse.
  • For Promotion-related inquiries, contact Wectory Ltd support.
  • Promotion adheres to English law; courts of England and Wales have jurisdiction.